Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Return of the Cones

Many of you will have set off for work on Wednesday morning to be confronted once again by the sight of Lower Road, Barnacle flanked on both sides by orange cones. Overnight on Tuesday, 20 more drain grilles were stolen for their scrap metal value, adding to those taken only a few weeks ago from Church Road on the way out of Shilton.

Ironically, at the parish council meeting just that evening, Councillor Phillip Morris-Jones was commenting on the extent of the problem that the theft of these grilles was to Warwickshire County Council. But until they're either made out of something that has no recycle value, or they are secured in some way that prevents their removal, I can't see what can be done to prevent it happening time and again.

Until then, we all have to put up with the danger caused to cyclists and other road users, and the general unsightliness caused to the local area.

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