Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Planning Application Consultation

This week, a planning application has been submitted by:
  • Top Park, Top Road, Barnacle - retention of the use of land and ancillary operational development as a residential caravan site, including the erection of six temporary amenity blocks.
Full details of the application (including site plans) can be found by clicking here. All comments on the application must be received by Rugby Borough Council by Thursday 13 January.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Cold Weather Advice from Rugby Borough Council

With the cold weather seeming to have started earlier, and being more sustained, than in previous years, Rugby Borough Council has issued some cold weather advice and set up a dedicated page on their website for further information. The web page provides links to all the key information you'll need to know in the case of heavy snow or prolonged cold weather and is worth visiting as a first point of call.

The council's most recent press release says:
Waste collection crews are trying hard to collect the bins in the current icy conditions.

However, with the cold weather conditions we are experiencing at the moment it is sometimes difficult to get the garden and food waste out of the frozen bins.

Residents are urged to loosen their bin lids and also try to loosen the garden waste where possible to help the crews with getting the waste out of the bins.

And for those residents on income-related benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that recorded temperatures in the CV21, CV22 and CV23 postcode areas have dipped below the trigger point for Cold Weather Payments.

Those eligible residents will receive an extra £25 within the next 12 days.

Additionally, all matches due to be played on borough council-run sports pitches will be cancelled this weekend.

For more information, visit

I must admit that I find it hard to believe that it was cold enough in the CV21, CV22 and CV23 postcode areas to trigger Cold Weather Payments, but the CV7 area was too 'warm'. Hopefully it's not the case of Rugby council forgetting that residents with a CV7 postcode live within the borough. I shall perhaps investigate that one further and report back. Until then, keep warm!