Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Parish Council AGM - 12 May

Next Tuesday, 12 May, is the AGM of Shilton Parish Council. The AGM is similar to most of the monthly Parish Council meetings that are held, except that this is also the meeting where councillors will choose the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council for the next 12 months. As ever, the meeting is open to the public to attend and observe, and starts at 7.30pm in the Parish Council Room, Church Road, Shilton.

The agenda for the meeting includes updates on issues relating to the new village car park in Church Road, traffic issues in Shilton, as well as proposals to plant some new trees in the cemetery, and a copy of the agenda is posted in the village notice board for information.

I am particularly interested in the update from Rugby Borough Council on the introduction of the 'Rural Link' minibus scheme and further information about affordable housing needs in the parish, both of which were discussed at the WALC Rugby Branch meeting I blogged about

Members of the public are also encouraged to raise any issue of interest to themselves that they think the Parish Council might be able to assist with.

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