Sunday, 12 February 2012

We Know What You Did Last Winter.....

I don't think the acting is likely to trouble the BAFTA judges, but with the colder weather having returned, I though I'd share with you this video produced by Warwickshire County Council's Highways Department warning people against using grit from roadside bins for their own personal use.

There were a number of grit bins in Shilton and Barnacle that were emptied during last year's winter by people wanting the grit for their own private use. This became something of a problem when the county council stopped its regular gritting of the outlying rural roads in order to conserve grit stocks for use within the county's towns. Unfortunately, no-one was able to use the grit stored in the roadside bins for the two villages' roads as it had, effectively, been stolen.

Hopefully, there won't be a repeat of this during the current colder weather.

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